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LVI Design

Seoul, South Korea

Hallingdal 65 and Rime

Inspired by traditional Korean tableware LVI Design integrated Hallingdal 65 and Rime textiles in subtle white, aqua and grey colours in the high-end Banyan Tree Club & Spa. The soft, natural texture of their woven structures contrasts with the stainless steel silver materials seen in the lighting fixtures and elsewhere.

In addition, these light-coloured fabrics also harmonise with the greenery in the mountains and gardens around the hotel, evoking the feeling of a luxurious holiday resort.

I always insist on using Kvadrat textiles in any space we create. In particular, I love to use Hallingdal 65 for its bold woven texture and choice of beautiful, subtle colours. I like how Kvadrat textiles can be enjoyed by users for a long time, especially due to their strong woven structures and sustainable profiles,” Jinam Kim, CEO, LVI Design

Furniture and lighting was designed in-house for the Festa dining area. Furthermore, between the modern, soft curves of the lights, chairs and sofas, a crescent-shaped traditional lattice pattern was placed to add lightness to the space.

Conceived and executed by LVI Design, ‘TRANSITION’ the concept for the space harmonises ‘TRADITIONAL’ and ‘CONSTITUENTS’. Reflecting this, the exterior is in classic European architectural style, whereas the interior has a modern geometrical structure and organic lines.

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul is an urban resort located in Namsam, at the centre of the South Korean capital. It incorporates Festa Dong, a representative environment where guests can attend chapel weddings, party and experience contemporary dining.

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