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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kvadrat upholstery textile: Hallingdal

The architects responsible for the restoration of the “Grote Zaal” (Great Hall), which is part of Rotterdam’s world-famous De Doelen concert hall and convention centre, chose the Kvadrat fabric Hallingdal for the seating. The restoration was the first since the “Grote Zaal” was opened to the public in 1966. Hallingdal, which has been in the Kvadrat collection since 1968, stood out as especially suitable, in part because of its history. For the visitors who grew up in the 70’s, the textile is recognisable as a product of that time. As a result, the look of the material acts as a bridge between the new look of the seating and the existing architecture.

The warp and weft thread of the fabric are in sharply contrasting colours – red and blue – which combine to be perceived as deep fuschia. De Doelen is internationally recognised as one of the best concert and conference halls in the world. Since it was rebuilt in 1966 it has welcomed 20 million visitors.

3,300 metres of Hallingdal, covering 2,200 seats in the Grand Hall.

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