UCCA Lab Moon Phase - "Full Moon" by Liu Shiyuan

Beijing, 2019


The exhibition Lunar Phases at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (UCCA) presents a series of artworks interpreting phases of the moon waxing and waning. With this as the structural basis of the exhibition, alongside light and shadow movements inspired by the moons trajectory, the exhibition offers a multi-sensory experience of the lunar theme. 

Kvadrat has supported the Copenhagen based artist Liu Shiyuan with her work Full Moon, marking Kvadrat’s first art collaboration in China.

Through the combination of five Kvadrat textiles: Revive 2AtomSprinklesPilot, and Galaxy, the artist has created 8 tunnel-like spaces for audiences to explore.

When visitors first enter the work, an 8-track audio created by musician Bibi Zhou plays simultaneously. The further visitors enter a tunnel of their choosing, the clearer the individual track becomes as the background layering audio fades away. Visitors reemerge to experience all 8 tracks again.

Liu Shiyuan comments, "Kvadrat textiles are more than just "fabric", so when I was picking samples, I thought about the narrow passages that are created with the curtain walls to give the audience a feeling, rather than just picking "good-looking fabrics". As the audience walks through the textile lined tunnels, they are surrounded by soft materials which evoke a wonderful sense of safety. The Kvadrat showroom in Copenhagen gave that impression, the textiles are lying there quietly, without competition. That's what I want to bring to this space installation. "

The project is presented in the UCCA Lab Hall at the UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art as part of the Lunar Phases exhibition.

13 November – 4 December 2019

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday, 10:00 – 19:00 (last entry at 18:30)

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