Aggebo & Henriksen

Mathilde Aggebo and Julie Henriksen have worked together since studying in 1991. Today they are one of Denmark’s most innovative and interesting textile design duos.

They have worked on many leading interior design projects and exhibitions. Such as, in 1997, when they were selected to create two stage curtains for the Queen’s Hall in ‘Diamanten’, the new annexe of The Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen. During their research they discovered some original Hans Christian Andersen manuscripts and used printed fragments of his handwriting for the stage curtains, made from Divina by Kvadrat. 

Most recently, Aggebo & Henriksen designed the signage for the new Royal Danish Playhouse and Copenhagen Business School. They have also been commissioned to decorate the highly acclaimed student hall of residence Tietgenkollegiet in Ørestanden, Copenhagen. 

They have exhibited at the Charlottenborg spring and autumn exhibitions and have undertaken commissions for Bodum, Paustian and FDB. They have also received the Danish State Art Foundation’s grant several times. 

A recurring method in their work is a focus on detail, which is then magnified many times over. 

Good design, they say, is like an intriguing riddle: It is about being able to see something everyday and crafting it to become something unique. To Aggebo & Henriksen, what matters most is the ability to change perceptions.

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