Karin An Rijlaarsdam

A graduate of the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, Dutch designer Karin An Rijlaarsdam works across several fields including, interior design, textile design, product design and colour design. She travels extensively across the world and often finds inspiration in her surroundings.

I am obsessed by textures, exploring a soft 3-dimensional texture with a handmade feeling for a textile design, or a smooth ultra-matte, and natural finish for a lighting fixture excites me. The texture defines the skin that brings the object alive, it is generous and represents its uniqueness and personality.” – Karin An Rijlaarsdam

Karin An Rijlaarsdam is the Creative Director and founder of CLOUD-9 design - a studio focused on creating sustainable designs with a positive environmental and/or social impact. It is located on the Ivory Coast. She works with a roster of leading design brands across the globe, such as Apple, Beats by Dr Dre, Capellini and Kvadrat.

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