Louise Sigvardt

Louise Sigvardt is a graduate of the acclaimed Kolding Design School in Denmark, where she studied fashion design. She cites the application of textiles as the motivation in her career; “I found out that I loved working with textiles, but what fascinates me even more, are all the different areas of application.”

Her design process begins with a story, a feeling, a place, or a graphic expression. She then evolves and translates these sources of inspiration into patterns and colours and, finally, finished designs, which “are based on something recognisable but have details or surprising elements.”

Louise Sigvardt is a co-founder of the acclaimed Bunn Studio, a Copenhagen-based design studio working across multiple disciplines, including art direction, furniture design, interior design, and industrial design. In recent years, she has also collaborated with the celebrated fashion brands Everlane and Marimekko. Her work has been recognised with numerous awards and showcased in numerous leading international magazines.


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