Our heritage

Exquisite taste, elevated quality and a refined sense of luxury – these are the principals on which Sahco was founded. Using classical references as a starting point but always infusing them with an elegant, contemporary touch, Sahco has nearly two hundred years of experience in the world of textiles and interior textiles. Throughout that time period, they have carved a name for themselves as a premium fabric decor company: one that has found its place in the hearts and homes of discerning customers across the world.


Sahco’s story starts in 1831 when the company’s founder decided to build on generations of his family’s knowledge of the textile trade and set up his own business in Southern Germany. Together with his son, he specialized in importing fine carpets, silks and upholstery fabrics from both France and the Far East, slowly building up a business that survived the economic and social turmoils of Europe to become truly international. By the end of the Twentieth Century, the company had worldwide distribution emanating from its new head-quarters in Nuremberg and its showrooms in Paris, London, Milan and Munich.

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