Raw Edges | Selvedge

Curated by Tord Boontje

For Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of London-based Raw-Edges, emphasising the structural qualities of the fabric meant deconstructing it. ‘The tricky thing about Hallingdal 65 is that it is beautiful as it is,’ says Yael. ‘It just needs to be spread out to reveal its qualities.’

Like much of their work, the process was one of experimentation. ‘We started with trying to ‘break’ it, or more correctly to ‘un-weave’ it, while trying not to ruin its original exquisiteness,’ explains Shay.

The warp and woof threads arrangement allowed the pair to unravel and release threads from within the woven fabric, creating a hollow sleeve inside its surface. The designers then placed two layers in different colours on top of each other and re-stitched them together using transparent plastic strip. As a result, a colourful rim had appeared from the other layer, reminiscent of the selvedge that can be found as the hem of raw fabrics.