Foster + Partners


Ohio, USA


1440 triangular Soft Cells Broadline panels by Kvadrat Acoustics, upholstered in Toto, in atrium roof. Variety of different sized Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics, upholstered in Haze, installed in the ceilings of classrooms, offices, corridors, auditoriums and social spaces.

Additional project facts
Acoustics: Soft Cells panels performs according to Class A as per ISO 11654/EN ISO 354
Flammability: the Soft Cells panels perform according to ASTM E84

Mark Wayner

Joined-up learning

Foster + Partners have specified a Kvadrat Acoustics solution throughout the Samson Pavilion in Ohio, which is designed for Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. A new vision for a health pavilion, this looks to the future of integrated, interactive health education.
Most of the Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells panels in the building are installed in the roof trusses above the spacious Delos M. Cosgrove courtyard. Triangular acoustic panels and upholstered in Toto, the panels deliver an acoustic environment that facilitates collaboration.

The roof trusses are pitched to let snow slide off the glass and onto the solid infill roof around the courtyard. Shading is provided by the truss cladding, which allows more light around the perimeter circulation spaces.

Soft Cells acoustic panels are also installed in the ceilings of classrooms, auditoriums, corridors and social spaces throughout the pavilion. By enhancing the intelligibility of speech and minimising noise, they support learning and cooperation.

The new pavilion, a multidisciplinary four-story building, brings together the previously separate dental, nursing, university, and Cleveland Clinic Lerner College, medical education programs. Focused on creating better healthcare for all, it provides an environment where students can learn together and inspire each other in an acoustically omptimised space.