Philips Campus

Seel Bobsin Partner

Hamburg, Germany

Project: The Philips headquarters for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is a futuristic new building, which combines research, development and production under one roof, plays the central role at the Philips Campus. Headquarters is spanning six floors, the interior is designed by Seel Bobsin Partner and is based around a ‘work place innovation’ concept. This reflects modern working approaches and combines both functional and inspirational rooms. 

Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics are also used in different areas to enhance the acoustic quality of the interior. A total of 315 wall mounted Soft Cells Broadline panels covering over 1,000 m2 are seamlessly integrated into open-space areas and meeting rooms. They are covered with Divina, Divina Melange and Topas, and match the signage and orientation system developed by SBP.