Magniberg bedwear collections dress the interior of the bedroom. Unlike most bedding brands, Magniberg bedwear textiles are not sold in sets. Instead, sheets, pillow covers and duvet covers are offered separately, giving the option to mix and match colours, textures and materials to create a unique set of bedwear, encouraging experimentation.  

Opt for quirky combinations - pair our Fresh Green duvet with one pillow cover in Italian Blue and a second in Blossom Pink. For something more subdued, choose neutral pieces with subtle variations like the Pearl duvet cover with Clay pillowcases.

Magniberg bedwear is crafted from durable and high-quality materials that can be combined, such as Supima cotton, lightweight flax linen, and organic cotton jersey. Magniberg bedding textiles offer various styles each with specific and unique characteristics.

Magniberg reimagines bedwear in an innovative, fashion-led way to bring home textiles in a new context. Infusing cultural references, imagination, and emotional aesthetics, Magniberg enriches the bedroom with a distinctive allure.