HAVE A SEAT | Mimi Jung

To highlight the multiple colours of yarn that comprise each Canvas colourway, the textile is deconstructed strand by strand to expose the warp. This partially deconstructed roll of Canvas is then used to upholster a series of connected seats. The intact portions of the textile create usable seating, while the deconstructed areas form an unusable ghostly seat. HAVE A SEAT is a commentary on the universally practised code among strangers of leaving an empty space between them whenever possible: it is an exploration of the desire for personal space in public settings.

Mimi Jung

Mimi Jung (Korea, 1981) studied at Cooper Union, New York, and HGK Basel. Her work examines multiple dimensions of self-preservation, particularly as it relates to private and public self-representation, and the ways in which those depictions are manifested through social and cultural mores. Her constructed forms, with their voids and translucencies, are fixed but never static: the viewer actively controls the experience of transit around and through them, reflecting inward on their own behaviours. In the end, Jung’s limning of space is reflexive: visible to those who are predisposed to see.

Jung’s work has been exhibited at Chamber in New York City, Les Gens Heureux in Copenhagen, Design Miami/ in Miami and the Collective Design Fair in New York City. She lives and works in Los Angeles.