Our polyester textiles


Polyester is a synthetic fibre which is hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain, offering a solution that is ideal for high-traffic applications. At Kvadrat, we believe longevity is at the core of conscious design. Our polyester textiles are made to last and are created from the best raw materials. 

We are on a journey to become a circular company and we are steadily transitioning away from virgin polyester. Derived from post-consumer PET bottles, pre-consumer post industrial polyester waste, or ocean-bound plastic waste, the recycled polyester we use for several of our products enables us to have a significantly lower environmental impact and grants us to be responsible in the use of resources.


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Introducing the world´s first upholstery textile
made from 100% ocean-bound polyester

is the world’s first recycled polyester upholstery textile made out of 100% ocean-bound plastic waste. It is made exclusively from post-consumer plastic collected no further than 10 km away from coastlines in Thailand

Unlike conventional polyester textiles, which are traditionally flat, Sport has a sophisticated binding that adds tactile multidimensionality to its structure. Sport also offers exceptional colour richness. The design comes in a versatile selection of colourways incorporating a scale of rich, warm and cold accents and neutral notes. These hues give the textile a bold look and enhance the qualities of the ocean-bound polyester.

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Benefits of polyester

Our polyester textiles offer a multitude of benefits, making it a popular choice in various applications, given the intrinsic qualities of this technical fibre.


Made to last

We prioritize the use of the best raw and recycled materials, which enables us to design textiles with exceptional longevity. Polyester fibres are resistant to stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling providing good lightfastness, which ensures that textiles retain their shape and appearance. The longevity and durability of polyesters is particularly advantageous in high-traffic applications. 


Polyester textiles offer a comfortable solution, due to their ability to dry fast and their hypoallergenic properties.

High performance

Polyester fibres are extremely flexible and versatile giving polyester textiles great modification abilities. With this, they can easily be developed to meet the standards of demanding high-traffic environments, flame retardancy, and good lightfastness.

Durable, washable and easy to maintain

Polyesters are capable of withstanding frequent use and maintain their quality over time, ensuring that the upholstery retains its visual appeal even with regular use. Moreover, polyester is easy to maintain as it is washable, allowing for effortless cleaning and upkeep, which is ideal for high-traffic applications.

Inherent flame-retardant polyesters

As part of our polyester offering, we provide inherent flame-retardant polyester. These textiles made from polyester FR have the potential to resist the spread of flames without the need for additional flame-retardant treatments.

Recycled polyesters

Our recycled polyesters are made from post-consumer PET bottles, pre-consumer post-industrial polyester waste, or ocean-bound plastic waste. Textiles made from recycled resources use less petroleum in their processing, making them a conscious choice.


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