The Echo rug is a handwoven flat weave crafted from 100% pure New Zealand wool.
It is designed by Jos Klarenbeek, whose mathematical background inspired its distinctive look and feel.


The rug is meticulously handwoven by skilled artisans using an 8-shaft threading repeat, incorporating about 150 single warp threads and 40 single weft threads. This weaving technique results in a rhythmic "echo" effect that skilfully balances structure and pattern.


Combined with the yarn selection this technique results in a rug that beautifully combines mathematical precision and craftsmanship. Both the warp and weft consist of bundles of three fine two-ply New Zealand woollen yarns alternated with thicker felted New Zealand woollen yarns, creating a tactile and visually appealing texture. 


The rug is available in six different colourways, catering to a wide range of interior design preferences. "Chalk," "Marble," and "Birch" have a woollen white base, while "Shadow," "Copper," and "Ink" feature a black base. Designed to withstand regular use, the Echo rug is suitable for heavy residential and medium commercial settings. 

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