Kai Nikolaus Grüne architects in collaboration with Caspar Teichgräber and Martin Schmitt Architektur

Berlin, Germany

Upholstery textile: Hallingdal and Field
Curtains: Ginger

Axel Springer SE boardroom

The architects behind the transformation of the Axel Springer office in Berlin have chosen Kvadrat textiles. The project involved reconstructing an entire floor of a skyscraper to make the executive boardroom area a ‘co-working’ space.

The board members’ offices are now arranged around a large central work area, which looks out to the collaborative space through a window. This is adjoined by an annexed lounge area that emphasises the informal nature of the ‘new way of working’.

By breaking the model of the classical rigid corridor with offices, the architects have delivered a number of advantages: greater openness and transparency, easier possibilities for collaborating, shorter lines of communication and the promotion of random encounters.

Throughout the space, 250 metres of white Ginger are used for curtains and room dividers. Hallingdal and Field are chosen for sofas, chairs and cushions in the entrance lobby and central lounge space.

‘With the redesign, we wanted to reinterpret the classic office by introducing added flexibility via versatile moveable doors and curtain systems, as well as a range of transparent materials.

In choosing materials, we aimed to meet the spatial challenges and represent the executive board. Thus, the plain, classically elegant Kvadrat textiles we selected play an important role. Semi-translucent Ginger, with its irregular structure, and Hallingdal bring a vibrant materiality and depth of colour. The textiles also meet the requirements for durability and a robust aesthetic.

Kvadrat’s service in Berlin was very supportive. The assistance with choosing colours and fabrics was particularly helpful,’ Kai Nikolaus Grüne, Architect.

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