Digs you can dig 

BaseCamp provides contemporary designed student accommodation in Denmark, which incorporates a spectrum of Kvadrat upholstery textiles, curtains, and rugs. The firm occupies part of the sustainably designed Skovbrynet building in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen.

The environmentally-focused dormitory offers students private spaces together with social areas and start-of-the-art entertainment and fitness facilities. The textiles from Kvadrat are used throughout to meet high standards for performance and create a vibrant, productive ambience.

Designs from Kvadrat can be found in the students’ main rooms and bathrooms. They are also used across common areas such as the kitchens, cinema, fitness zones and open spaces. Specifically, assorted furniture is upholstered with Atlas, Hallingdal 65, Remix 3, Re-Wool and Field 2.

Fabiane Unger, Design Director, BaseCamp: “At BaseCamp Worlds, we love to play a lot with strong colour ranges. Kvadrat enables us to underline this approach of integrating eccentric tones without losing certain harmonic naturality. Our collaboration means we can depend on receiving quality, durability and excellent support.”

BaseCamp is close to the Technical University of Denmark, in a green setting close to a lake. The building where it is situated, Skovbrynet, has won several awards: World Architecture Award, A’Design Award(gold), Iconic Award 2020, Wan Award 2020, Class of 2020, Årets project 2018, Årets Byggeri 2020 and eight MUSE Awards, including five platinum and two golds.

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