Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a design-led airport hotel. It defining features include a sweeping geometric façade and an extremely spacious open lobby. The 1,800 sqm hotel won the European Hotel Design Award 2016, as well as the European Hospitality Award a for Opening of the Year. Fifteen minutes from the centre of Amsterdam by train, it is connected to the airport via a covered walkway.

Designed by Hirsch Bender Associates, the hotel’s offering includes: the interactive Bowery restaurant, the Axis Lobby and Cocktail bar, a 24-hour fitness centre and a spa.

Kvadrat textiles are used in the hotel lobby, the Bowery restaurant, the Executive Lounge, meeting rooms, and as accents in guestroom suites. The chosen fabrics are: HaraldHallingdal 65CasaRemixParkBalder, and Divina Melange.

We consider Kvadrat to be a valuable partner for our projects. The technical specifications and the contract quality of their offering are unparalleled. We also find original designs in Kvadrat’s exceptional collections that enrich and elevate our concepts. Working with Kvadrat, we know we will have the highest quality service, and a very responsive team of specialists we can trust and rely on to specify the right product for our unique and inspired luxury hotel interiors”, Constantina Tsoutsikou, Creative Director.

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