Hotel van der Valk

The Hotel van der Valk is a four-star hotel in the Netherlands. It comprises 152 guest rooms and suites, 10 multifunctional meeting rooms, an á la carte restaurant, a swimming pool and a wellness centre.

The Twente area where the hotel is based has a rich tradition of textile craftsmanship. Reflecting this, the interior concept, by P.A.M. Teunissen and Marco Bolderheij, has a ‘red line’ focused on fine textiles and complementary natural materials, such as stone.

The hotel showcases a wide selection of fabrics, while the names of the rooms and the artwork also reference Twente’s craft heritage. In addition, three-metre high plants made from diverse textiles are signature design elements.

A variety of Kvadrat textiles are employed throughout the hotel. The chosen upholstery fabrics are: Hallingdal 65, Coda 2, Canvas, Memory 2, Nebula, Waterborn, Star 2, Steelcut Trio 2, Ledger, Alloy and Sunniva. Curtains are made from Twilight, Daybreak and Noon. The textile plants are made from Divina.

‘We chose Kvadrat because of the beautiful colour palette they offer, which includes many powder shades. These tones have a very luxurious appearance and fit our concept very well. And also, because the fabrics are ideal in contract environments,’ Marco Bolderheij



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