Nantes, France


Kvadrat upholstery textile: Topas

La Fabrique Cultural Centre

Kvadrat upholstery textiles, in linked colours, have been used for seating in the Grand Theatre, which forms part of La Fabrique, a cultural hub in Nantes. Located on the île de Nantes, La Fabrique combines land planning and cultural networking. It comprises three elements: the first houses the 1200-seat Grand Theatre, as well as a 400-seat theatre and offices; the second is a recording studio, suspended above an air-raid shelter that was never demolished; the third is a public hall that links the other two sections together.

The Kvadrat textile Topas is used on all 1200 chairs in the Grand Theatre, including 270 chairs at balcony level. These are upholstered in linked blue/grey/purple tones. This creates the effect of a mosaic of colours rippling across the space.