Hollandse Nieuwe

Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Upholstery textiles: Steelcut Trio  and Triangle 
Acoustic solution textiles: Steelcut Trio
Curtain textiles: Noon 

Supercharged Spaces | Nationale Nederlanden Rotterdam

Acoustic wall coverings, sofas and curtains at Nationale Nederlanden’s Rotterdam offices feature a selection of Kvadrat Febrik textiles. They contribute to an acoustically-optimised work environment created by Hollandse Nieuwe, which facilitates agile and high-pace ‘scrum’ work processes.

Furniture at the premises is designed by Hollandse Nieuwe and custom-built by Visker Interieurbouw. The sofas are upholstered in Steelcut TrioShadePitch and TriangleSteelcut Trio is also used for the acoustic wall panels, while curtains are crafted from Noon.

Specific zones and functions derive identity from the use of orange or black colour accents. This subtly references the Nationale Nederland brand, and supports an informal yet effective work environment.

Nationale Nederlanden is a Dutch insurance company and a bank. An IT-driven organisation, it provides loans, mortgages and insurances.  Hollandse Nieuwe Studio: “Made with great care, Kvadrat textiles are very high-quality. Delivering this is our ambition for every project.”

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