Reimann Interior & Design

Altmühltal, Germany


Upholstery textiles: Divina Melange, Hallingdal 65, Rime.
Pillows: Sonar and Pillar by Kvadrat Raf Simons.
Acoustic solution comprising Soft Cell panels upholstered with Casa.

Skin and Laser center


Located close to Munich, the Skin and Laser Center opened in 2016. The core business of the practice is classical and aesthetical dermatology. Beauty treatments and laser surgery are also available at the 680 sqm site. The textures of skin is at the heart of the design concept by Reimann Interior & Design. For instance, the hexagonal shape of skin cells can be found in the wall design, as well in custom-made concrete cubes used in different areas. Furthermore, natural materials are prevalent while the colour concept comprises different skin tones.


Divina Melange, Hallingdal 65, Rime, in a variety of different shades, are used to upholster furniture throughout the premises. Pillows are made from Kvadrat Raf Simons Pillar and Sonar 2. Acoustic quality is optimised with Soft Cells panels, covered with Casa.

'We placed great importance on creating a visually innovative, acoustically-efficient and top-quality ceiling, which is also fully reversible. Soft Cells enabled us to achieve this while meeting the complex technical challenges of the lighting, air conditioning and room acoustic. In addition, Soft Cells also offered the aesthetic appeal of the trapezoid form language.' Julius Reimann

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