Bedheads upholstered with Condor
Sheer curtains woven with Frost

Elevated living 

The Garden Residences in Singapore, comprising five contemporary apartment blocks, incorporates Kvadrat upholstery and curtain textiles. It is located centrally within Serangoon, a lively residential hub.

The concept for the project embraces colours and patterns. Condor, the tactile textile used to upholster the bedheads in the main bedroom, exemplifies this approach. Sujonohun specified it alongside neutral surfaces to draw attention to its rich pattern.

In the living rooms, Frost is used for the sheer curtains. Consequently, the residents can introduce elegant shades that chime with the interior palette in their homes while gaining control over light, thermal comfort, and privacy.

Molina Hun, Creative Director, Sujonohun: “Kvadrat has a very unique range of colours for their fabrics. The Frost sheers are very versatile, and we can always find a shade that matches our projects. As for the Condor textile, the design and weaving are very three-dimensional. We chose it because we want it to stand out against the feature wall instead of blending in at the back.

The Garden Residences comprises a 14-storey block and four 15-storey blocks, which host 613 residential units. These are available in 1 to 5-bedroom layouts, ranging from 452 up to 1,981 sqft.

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