BDT International Design Agency, Beijing

Nanjing, China

Upholstery textile: Blitz, Chicago, Coral, Primus, Sunniva, Waterborn and Zap
Curtains: Stoplight, Onyx

The Yihe Mansions

Kvadrat textiles have been chosen for use throughout the Yihe Mansions, a hotel complex which comprises 26 refurbished, culturally significant mansions. It is located in the historic district of Nanjing, China.

The two to three storey houses were originally designed during the 1930s, in what is known as the ‘Republican Era’ style. This reflects the first Western influences from returning foreign-schooled architects. They were once the homes of ambassadors, as well as high-level government and military officials.

The Yihe Mansions feature 50 guest suites, three restaurants, a café and an in-house spa. The interior design combines construction and design elements from all over the world, and has been furnished in a way that is reminiscent of the site’s cultural heritage.

Executed in a fusion style, the interior features luxurious wooden panelling, marble and timber flooring, and accessories that reflect the original décor. Outside the buildings, walled courtyards have been demolished in favour of open, integrated landscaping, which retains niches and gardens.

The Yihe Manions have received the UNESCO Asian-Pacific Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2014.

Blitz, Chicago, Coral, Primus, Sunniva, Waterborn and Zap are used on all furniture in the guest rooms, restaurants and the café. Stoplight Colour is used as curtain shade outside wooden blinds in guest rooms. Onyx is inserted between the glass doors in showroom to create a semi-transparent look. In total, 2500 metres of textiles were supplied.

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