AVPD/IN SITU art consultants

Copenhagen, Denmark


Kvadrat textiles: Zulu and Air for artwork textile, Mi Casa for curtains in offices.

Transformative Experiences

The artist label AVPD has used Kvadrat textiles to create the artwork Screens and Objects in the form of curtains which plays with light and perception. The curtain work is installed in a newly built company headquarters in Copenhagen along with other standard Kvadrat curtains that feature in the office areas.

A central artistic aim of Screens and Objects is to transform the space where it is installed and challenge how people perceive architecture and each other. On a functional level, the aesthetically outstanding artwork also delivers the ability to make gatherings private.

The textile creation comprises a system of perpetual screens, which become curious sculptural forms in various colours when folded together. Characterized by changing shades and transparencies, these incorporate ZAZ, a new, specially developed composite textile, made from the Kvadrat textiles Zulu and Air.

The design system unites 74 unique textile elements. It draws on the Bauhaus and Ulm School of the Arts design approach by combining the fundamental forms of the square, the triangle and the circle into a curtain version of Oscar Schlemmers Figure Dance Theater.

Reflecting this, in the spacious cantina, a combination of squares and triangles shapes a dynamic, expressive space. Meanwhile, in the meeting area, a rectangle unites with a circle to express a calm, accommodating ambience.

"We chose to use Kvadrat’s Zulu textile for this project because it has a very wide spectrum of transparencies throughout the collection. From the almost completely transparent black to the visually closed white. We also needed to enhance the privacy created by the curtains in parts of the project and we therefore developed a composite textile by combining Zulu with Air into the ZAZ fabric which is both transparent and closed at the same time."

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