Scales of the rainbow fish

A theatre curtain, seats and custom sound-absorbing panels are upholstered in Kvadrat textiles in the Blu Theatre at the Western Academy in Beijing. They help to optimise acoustic conditions and reflect the children’s book entitled “The Rainbow Fish.”

In the story, as a gesture of friendship, a beautiful fish gives his scales away to other fish. Inspired by this tale, anySCALE used an array of different colourful textiles to create a play of vibrant ‘fish scales’ on the theatre’s inner walls and seats.

The reworking of the Blu Theatre’s acoustics was another critical element of the project. Sound absorption and sound reflection materials were integrated into the walls, furniture and ceiling. As a result, sound projection from the stage is enhanced, ensuring a more immersive audience experience.

Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) was established in 1994. Blu Theater is one of WAB’s most precious and dynamic learning spaces.

anySCALE Architecture Design team: “We love the unique colour range Kvadrat offers. Using Kvadrat for our projects, we are sure we get sustainable - and depending on our choice - natural materials. We can also be sure we are on top of the latest developments in terms of quality and product performance. Finally, none of the competitors in China can offer comparable services in terms of consultancy and after-sales support”.

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