Acoustic Textile Felt

Acoustic Textile Felt is as sound absorbing, as it is decorative. Produced following the same process as Solid Textile Board, the felt resembles the unique aesthetics of the board, but with a soft feel and an even stronger reference to the tactility of textile.
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Colours and materials

Acoustic Textile Felt is made from wool or cotton. The input material, and hence the colours, have been selected with meticulous consideration of current resource streams. It is available in four colours: Cotton White, Cotton Blue, Wool Slate and Wool Natural.

Material 70% textile, 30% thermoplastic binder
Thickness 10 mm
Board size 3000x1100 mm
Density 100 kg/m3

Cotton Blue

Cotton White

Wool Slate

Wool Natural


It is not just our materials themselves that challenge conventional thinking; it’s also the process of working with them. As they act as a creative palette, exploring their use inevitably reveals opportunities for circular collaboration and new ideas for circular design.
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