Aram 2 by Kvadrat Rugs

Aram 2, a re-edition of the flatweave rug Aram, explores the dynamic between volume, structure and colour. It is handwoven from pure New Zealand wool and brings a fresh perspective to the artisanal Sumak weaving technique.

An exceptionally comfortable rug, Aram 2 is characterised by subtle movement in its meticulous colour blends. It is constructed by looping bundles of plied yarns around the warp, creating a multidimensional expression reminiscent of magnified braided ribs.

The inspiration for Aram 2’s versatile palette derives from the understated yet characterful tones of minerals and metamorphic rocks. In total, the rug comes in 13 versatile colourways. Aram 2 is suitable for contemporary, residential spaces. Its excellent durability and versatile colourways ensure it is ideal for both communal areas and private rooms.

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