Divina: every colour is divine

In celebration of Divina, one of our most iconic textiles, we invited 22 international designers to reinterpret the fabric in the context of contemporary design and to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Divina is known for its extraordinary range of colours, first created in 1984 by the Danish painter and graphic artist Finn Sködt and regularly updated by him ever since. It is a full-cloth textile with a smooth, directionless and uniform surface, very similar to the properties of felt. 

Divina translates as ‘heavenly,’ or ‘divine,’ and the name has been chosen because of the way colours can be expressed in the material. It is one of the finest products in Kvadrat’s range for showing off colours in all their glory. The textile comes in three different variations: DivinaDivina Melange and Divina MD.

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