Anne Fabricius Møller

Danish textile designer Anne Fabricius Møller graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1986. Her one-of-a-kind textiles have been exhibited in Europe, the US and Japan.

It is the craft process that matters to Anne Fabricius Møller, who views herself as a mix of craftsman and designer; “I only want to create something from scratch; this is where it becomes professional for me.”

Fabricius Møller finds various sources of inspiration for developing new patterns and colours. Her designs are often inspired by the craft itself: mechanics, systematics, movement and tools. She is also inspired by nature: conifers, fishbone and wickerwork were the basis of one of her first textile series for Kvadrat, creating a pattern both graphic and organic. Meanwhile, in her latest designs for Kvadrat, fresh, dried, whole and crushed spices inspire the colour palette and atmosphere.
Japanese design culture is another major source of inspiration, as referenced in her clean, graphic lines.

Fabricius Møller is a member of the critically acclaimed Octo-gruppe, and besides her participation at exhibitions internationally and in Denmark, she is represented at the Danish Museum of Art & Design and is part of Drud & Køppe Gallery, which are both situated in Copenhagen.

Anne Fabricius Møller has received several awards and honorary grants, including the Biennale award and grants from the Danish State Art Foundation.

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