Products 2023


Sport unites a vibrant, high-tech contemporary expression with a compelling sustainability story: It is the world’s first upholstery textile made from 100% ocean-bound plastic waste, designed by Patricia Urquiola. 

Hero Heather

Hero Heather is a felted woollen upholstery by Patricia Urquiola, which brings a new perspective to the world of melange textiles. It is constructed with yarn colours, as opposed to being piece-dyed, and consequently offers exceptional colour variety and texture.

Trapped in heaven

Trapped in heaven is a luxuriously draping curtain created by renowned artist Danh Vo. The curtain is jacquard woven in both single and double layers; a playful technique that results in the letters being woven as pockets, surrounded by the single-layered background. This sophisticated construction creates elegant transparency across the surface and infuses the curtain with tactile multidimensionality.


Via is a gently shimmering striped curtain by Åsa Pärson, which plays with light and shadow. The curtain derives its distinctive lustre from a construction that unites subtly contrasting yarns which have a natural shine. 


Vicolo is a subtly lustrous checked curtain designed by Åsa Pärson. It features a rhythmic woven pattern, inspired by Italian alleys and streets, comprising a play of differently sized rectangular tone-in-tone forms.