Katrin Sonnleitner | Cocco

Curated by Hans Maier-Aichen

On receiving the sample books of Hallingdal 65, German designer Katrin Sonnleitner was inspired by the bright colour palette and the geometric pattern created by the weave to build a ‘three-dimensional mosaic’.

Colours and surfaces define the character of an object. For example, the distinctive diamond pattern of the famous Chesterfield sofa is created by carefully placed buttons which are both a design detail and a means of construction. Questioning what could happen if this humble button was emphasized to be itself the upholstered element of a seating furniture, Katrin Sonnleitner’s piece evolved. A wide-meshed wire structure draws a volume in space and provides a base for various cushions that are individually tied to it to create seating areas.

Product designer Katrin Sonnleitner is a graduate from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. She is currently a visiting professor at Mainz University of Applied Sciences, working on fields of product design closely related to architecture. She also has her own design studio from where she works on product design, conceptual research, and exhibition design. Her creations explore the boundaries of art and design.