Peter Adjaye for Kvadrat

Peter Adjaye's Spotify playlist, titled 'BLACK BY DESIGN' came together with the intention to harness joy and passion in these uncertain times and for us to think more about the human race as a community.

My music selection allows for us to come together globally to celebrate these important joint values and morals.

For instance, I wanted to start my playlist with who I consider to be one of the most important artists of the 20th Century, Dr Nina Simone, whose music was not only genius but also so important for the advancements of human rights for all.

Music to me is about creativity and the fusion of styles, hence the reason why I have included the magnificent version of the O’Jays, ‘Now that we found love’ by the often over looked band, Third World.

‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire is one of the finest examples of music. It encompasses the message that musical memories are significant indicators of important times of our lives.

Chaka Khan is an icon! Having been raised in the unique melting pot of the original musicality that is Chicago, Yvette Marie Stevens, fought for human rights in the 70’s and was reborn as Chaka Khan. She has influenced music for nearly 5 decades and is as influential today as she ever was.       
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