KSP Engel

Erlangen, Germany


Kvadrat Acoustics solution comprising four different Soft Cells panels – Broadline, Low tone, Reflective, and Aesthetic. The acoustic Soft Cells panels are upholstered with Relate in various colors to meet Siemens’ corporate identity.

Photography Marcus Bredt

Sustainable acoustic excellence

The Siemens Campus Modul 2, located in Erlangen, Germany, stands as a testament to modern architectural excellence. Designed by KSP Engel and finalized in 2022, this project introduces a unique architectural concept centred around sustainable wood hybrid construction. The integration of steel-concrete and wood elements not only embodies innovative and sustainable architecture but also serves as the cornerstone of the world's first CO2-neutral Siemens facility. A Kvadrat Acoustics solution was installed to enhance acoustic environment and support the decision to include sustainable building components.

KSP Engel placed particular emphasis on selecting CO2-effective building materials for both the exterior and interior. Consequently, KSP Engel chose to incorporate a Kvadrat Acoustics solution in the Siemens Campus Modul 2 auditorium, comprising Soft Cells panels with various acoustic configurations.

The Kvadrat Acoustics solution played a significant role in the auditorium, where precise acoustic control was essential. This comprehensive solution utilized a variety of acoustic products to establish an ideal acoustic environment, addressing reverberation control, sound reflection, and ensuring a balanced frequency response. By implementing a Kvadrat Acoustics solution with diverse acoustic configurations, the space achieved optimal sound quality, providing a comfortable and immersive experience for all occupants. While the solution was comprised of various acoustic configurations, the aesthetics and design remained consistent throughout the space.