Architectus and Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Melbourne, Australia

Specified by Architectus & Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Soft Cells panels by Kvadrat Acoustics were installed on the ceiling at the State Library of Victoria covering a total of 267m2 in the following areas; the Swanston Street Foyer, Ian Potter Queen’s Hall and Isabella Fraser Room.

The Soft Cells panels were installed by LL Installations using magnets to allow for easy installation, while minimising impact to the heritage listed library.

Kvadrat Mi Casa textile was upholstered onto Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels and as a result achieved a class A sound absorption and a 0.95 NRC rating.

Trevor Mein, Mein Photo

The State Library of Victoria

State Library Victoria opened in February 1856 as a place of learning and discovery for all Victorians. It is Australia’s oldest public library, and the fourth most-visited library in the world. Since its opening, the State Library Victoria has grown to span an entire city block and to evolve to meet the changing needs of the community. It was recently refurbished by Architectus in collaboration with Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects as part of the library’s ambitious Vision 2020 project. This transformation renewed the library’s heritage spaces, created new spaces for children, teenagers and events, and provided additional public space for visitors, researchers and students.

With more people and amenity, comes more noise. The refurbishment required a method of sound absorption that would not disrupt the heritage structure or aesthetic of the State Library Victoria. Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells Broadline panels provided a discreet solution with 267 square metres of acoustic panels integrated into the ceiling design of the Swanston Street Welcome Zone, Ian Potter Queen’s Hall and Isabella Fraser Room.

Swanston Street Welcome Zone is a grand and inviting foyer and the library’s original entrance. Set within the illuminated coffered ceiling, Kvadrat Acoustics Soft Cells Broadline panels are inconspicuous while absorbing the sound that reverberates from more than 5,000 visitors passing through the entrance each day.

A majestic Italianate marble staircase at the end of the foyer leads to the impressive Ian Potter Queen’s Hall. Open to the public for the first time since 2003, Ian Potter Queen’s Hall is now a reading room by day and event space by night. Acoustic panels edged with strip lighting provide illumination and noise absorption above the tables and bookshelves, and the plain colouration – to match the 1860s paint scheme – helps dramatise the original filigree-patterned skylights and gallery friezes.

The Isabella Fraser Room, accessed via a separate entry, is an opulent event venue with classical styling, coffered ceilings and herringbone parquetry floors. As throughout the State Library Victoria, the ceiling panels are upholstered with Kvadrat Mi Casa textile, achieving a class A sound absorption and a 0.95 NRC rating. The appointed contractor, LL Installations fixed the Soft Cells acoustic panels to the ceiling with magnets, a standard attachment method that minimises the penetrations required for installation, as well as the impact to the heritage-listed building.

Architectus and Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s renewal of the State Library Victoria has revealed and celebrated the history and architecture of the iconic building. Taking a light hand to the refurbishment, new insertions, such as the Soft Cells acoustic panels, are discreetly integrated into the architecture.