CF Møller Architects

Horsens, Denmark

Soft Cells Broadline panels installed on doors, upholstered in a specially printed version of Casa
Soft Cells Aesthetics installed on walls, upholstered in a specially printed version of Casa
Kvadrat Shade roller-blinds integrating the textile Silvretta specified at three main entrances
Adam Mørk

Art of Education

Acclaimed artist Daniel Buren has made his first permanent site-specific commission – an artwork that transforms VIA University College in Horsens with his signature geometric patterns. The campus integrates specially designed Kvadrat Acoustic Soft Cells panels and Kvadrat Shade roller-blind solutions as part of this ambitious intervention.

The Soft Cells panels, fitted to walls and doors, enhance acoustic quality and act as a key artwork element. Together, they form an expansive installation located inside and outside the auditorium. Upholstered in Casa, woven with Trevira CS yarns, the panels feature a deceptively simple combination of circles and Daniel Buren's trademark stripes in red and white.

Elsewhere, 600 Kvadrat Shade roller blinds reduce glare and elevate visual and thermal comfort - helping students and staff concentrate and collaborate. They are upholstered in Silvretta in white and are specified with plain brackets.

Daniel Buren's work is installed at the three main entrances, the skylight, the atrium wall, and the auditorium. Effectively, it transforms the entire building into spectacular artwork for the students. Curiously, each encounter changes according to the time of day and the intensity of the light flooding through.

VIA University College is conceived and designed based on the vision of creating an outward-facing, inviting, and unifying shared learning environment directly integrated with the city and the landscape. The concept for the campus builds on creating coherent relationships between students, employees, businesses, and the city's residents.