Rumor by Bertjan Pot

Kvadrat Febrik presents Rumor by Bertjan Pot. It is the first knitted textile from Kvadrat Febrik crafted from over 70% post-consumer recycled polyester. Rumor’s design bridges the contrasting worlds of handcrafted textiles and the digital space to create landscapes of shifting colour and pattern intensity.


Rumor pixels square (1).gif

To design Rumor, Bertjan Pot converted an image into a set of randomly arranged pixels in four different colours, using the ‘diffusion dither’ tool on photo editing software. Following this, through a processive of extensive, hands-on experimentation with colours and pattern scaling, the design was translated into a knitted textile.


The knitted upholstery textile, at a distance, presents a uniform and subdued colour palette. However, upon closer inspection, irregular clusters of pixel-like stitches emerge, revealing four contrasting colours within the surface. These integral pixels are intricately incorporated into the knitted upholstery design and are not added post-production through dyeing processes.

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Rumor is particularly easy to upholster on all forms of furniture, offering excellent elasticity. The distinctive irregular pattern infuses the knitted upholstery textile with an extra dimension of vibrancy, ensuring it flows over the edges to a seamless effect. Rumor suits all contract and residential applications.

Order sample

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