Our Story

Founded in 1968, in Ebelftoft, Denmark, Kvadrat is a family business and a cornerstone of the local community. Our current headquarters were designed by Poulsen & Therkildsen of Aarhus in 1980. The red brick of the building's construction echoes the local architectural vernacular, while the low profile of the structure places it comfortably in the surrounding coastal landscape. The building's early spatial colour scheme was created by the lithographer Finn Sködt who later designed the classic Kvadrat textile Divina.

Ever since the foundation, we have worked closely with artists and designers. From the early association with Nanna Ditzel, Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, and Verner Panton, through to significant contemporary artists.


SevilPeach redesign

London-based architects SevilPeach transformed Kvadrat's head office in 2017 creating visual connections with the surrounding landscape throughout the complex. A spectacular 320 square metres showroom was built, allowing clients to explore the company's full range of textiles and products on site. Freshly opened-up office spaces encouraged collaborative working practices between departments. A new welcome area, social spaces, and an inviting library were created to extend Kvadrat’s familial ethos.

The landscape that has so profoundly influenced Kvadrat's use of colour was brought into the building through new floor-to-ceiling windows. Opened-out offices and studios offer long lines of sight. The canteen, where all company employees gather for ecologically home-cooked meals, was afforded proper status as the heart of the site, its function bolstered by the library, meeting and soft social zones opened alongside.


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