Kvadrat Weaving

At our production facility in Winterswijk, The Netherlands, we manufacture curtains, upholstery and rugs. At Kvadrat Weaving we are committed to produce high quality products that are fire resistant, durable and sustainable.

Our product developers are highly knowledgeable and professional regarding trends, designs, colours, materials and applications. This knowledge gives Kvadrat Weaving an edge, resulting in high-quality fabrics and rugs. 

In Winterswijk we produce more than 700,000 metres of high-quality curtains, upholstery and rugs every year.

The weaving facility

The Kvadrat Weaving facility consists of spacious production areas equipped with a wide range of weaving machines, enabling us to weave with special techniques, such as Jacquard and Dobby. 

The extensive machinery includes various weaving techniques. The weaving consists of different variations in which the warp and weft are the building stones for the patterns. In order to guarantee the best quality of the fabric, we influence the climate during the weaving process via humidification.

Our diversity of machines made it possible to set up a variety of production lines. Each machine has its own specific production characteristics. This enables us to respond quickly to special requests. Our flexible and market-oriented approach has made the weaving mill successful for decades.

From yarns to fabrics and rugs

Yarns are the most important raw material for the production of exquisite curtains, upholstery and rugs. The yarns we use form the foundation of all our products and are sourced at suppliers that have a strong focus on sustainable production methods and meet the stringent environmental requirements. With our extensive machinery with various weaving techniques and long-standing knowledge of yarn processing, we create premium quality woven textiles and rugs.

Development and technology go hand in hand at Kvadrat Weaving. Our product development team and operators develop and weave with great attention to trends, enhancements, and the latest innovations. During the production process, we imbue important product properties, such as UV-stabilisation and flame retardancy.

The weaving process involves of a number of variations determined by the number of warp and insert yarns. The longitudinal warp yarns are fed in the weaving process through warp beams. The lateral weft yarns are fed by spools (bobbins). During the weaving process, an upward and downward pull is applied to the warp yarns creating a woven pattern.

The climate in our production facility is closely monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process. The climate conditions, such as humidity, can be adjusted at any time to safeguard the best quality of the yarns. By constantly monitoring the climate during the production process, we are able to produce fabrics of the best quality.

Complex and more simple designs are produced at Kvadrat Weaving. These creations are durable, colour-fast and optionally fire resistant. Specific trends or market requirements are always the starting point in production. In cooperation with Kvadrat headquarters we aim to develop new products that will serve our customers for years.

The tufting facility at Kvadrat Weaving uses smart tufting processes and special tufting techniques to ensure the production of high quality rugs in both modern and classic designs.
We only use the best raw materials - primarily natural materials, such as New Zealand wool.

About Kvadrat Weaving

From Gaudium to Kvadrat Weaving
Since the foundation of Gaudium in the 1980’s, there was a close cooperation with Kvadrat. To further Kvadrat’s vertical integration and increased focus on production capabilities, Kvadrat acquired Gaudium in 2018 and in 2022 the name Gaudium changed to Kvadrat Weaving.

The traditional values of craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation have made Kvadrat Weaving a leader in the professional textile market. The diversity of high-quality yarns, advanced machinery and know-how contribute significantly to the high-quality fabrics and rugs produced by Kvadrat Weaving.

SureMade Sustainability Project

Kvadrat Weaving participates in SureMade
In cooperation with various partners, Kvadrat Weaving participates in the project SureMade, in which we develop textiles for sustainable roller blinds and functional screens made of recycled polyester. With SureMade, the partners aim to make interior textiles more sustainable by reducing the use of virgin materials through high-quality recycling, reducing and reusing waste, implementing recycling in design and professionalising and optimising the production process through automation.

The sub-objectives of the project are:

  • High-quality processing of waste streams into usable fibres for the development into interior textiles
  • Continuous development of yarns on the basis of high-quality recycled polyester
  • The development of sustainable and circular end products for the interior textiles sector

Besides Kvadrat Weaving, the other participants in this project are: Verosol BV, Coulisse BV, Stichting Texperium and Gebr. Van der Geest BV.

The SureMade project is subsidised by the European Regional Development Fund.


Kvadrat Weaving is located in Winterswijk, The Netherlands.

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