Information about data breaches

At Kvadrat, we take the security and privacy of our clients' and business partners' data very seriously. Despite our best efforts and robust security measures, minor data breaches can happen due to an increase in sophisticated attacks.

We understand the importance of transparency and will be publishing any incidents on this page going forward. Your trust is our top priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your information remains secure.

May 2024

Dear client, business partner,

We wish to inform you about a recent minor data breach that occurred in our subsidiary Kvadrat GmbH on 29. April 2024

An external party sent a phishing email, which led to unauthorized access to one of our employees' Outlook accounts. This breach was limited and specific, involving emails containing names, titles, work telephone numbers, work email addresses, and any personal data present in the emails.

We have promptly implemented additional IT security measures, and the incident was resolved shortly after it was discovered.

Despite the swift resolution, there is a possibility that the external party may attempt to misuse your personal data. Please remain vigilant for any irregularities, such as receiving phishing emails or others receiving emails from you that you did not send.

Feel free to reach out to Christina Okholm, Legal Counsel (Kvadrat A/S) on M +45 2239 4944 or for further information on the case.

Kind regards,
IT and Legal & Compliance