Skin & Bones | Judith Seng

Skin & Bones explores the activity of space-making as a continuous negotiation between bodies, objects and spatial structures. Laid on the ground, a flat, apparently two-dimensional square of Canvas* – the ‘skin’ – waits to be activated by the ‘bones’: an assortment of shaped tools employed by human bodies. Together they can generate an endless variety of sculptural forms and interior spaces. Once activated, Skin & Bones unfolds like a fluid, socio-material structure that reveals the activity of space-making like three-dimensional sketching with Canvas in space.

* Canvas (noun)
1. A heavy, coarse, closely woven textile of cotton, hemp, or flax, traditionally used for tents and sails.
2. A piece of such textile on which a painting, especially an oil painting, is executed.
3. The background against which events unfold, as in a historical narrative.
4. A tent or group of tents. A circus tent.
5. Sports. The floor of a ring in which boxing or wrestling takes place.