The Yield Collection


The Yield Collection consists of three designs: Yield, Yield Dot and Yield Melange.
Artisanal in look and texture, each possesses a distinct character. All the rugs are handcrafted from 100% pure new wool and share the same weaving technique, colour scheme, and material. 


Constructed using a handwoven basket weave, both the warp and weft are visible. The weft threads are individually interwoven by hand, resulting in charming irregularities. The wool used in the warp includes a blend of different hues, coming from the natural variations of the sheep themselves. The combination of robust, sturdy woollen fibres and a durable construction ensures the rugs’ longevity.

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The Yield Collection offers a range of options, each with its own distinct charm and character, making them versatile additions to a variety of interior settings. The rugs can also be mixed and matched to create unifying atmospheres in any space.

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The Corde Collection

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