Airbus helicopters

Marignane, France

Upholstery textiles: Pro and Field.

Airbus H135 Helicopter

The H135 is a member of Airbus Helicopters’ EC135 family of helicopters. One of the company’s most successful light helicopters, 1,100 are in operation in 60 countries across the world.

Airbus Helicopters wanted to modernise the cabin of the H135. They chose Pro 2 and Field for their durability and contemporary aesthetic. They are used for the pilot and passenger seats.

‘The idea was to improve the seats’ design and refresh the colour and trim definition. Kvadrat textiles have been applied on both pilot and passenger seats. Kvadrat was selected for several reasons: the quality of the fabrics’ surfaces, the modern look of the patterns, compliance with technical constraints, price, and very good customer service.' Victoria Visse, Colour & Trim Designer

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