Enlightened living

A constellation of Kvadrat textiles and rugs is used throughout Y House in Hebei Province, China. Together, the designs contribute towards the vision of creating a light, timeless, authentic home that nurtures individual, intimate living experiences.

Kvadrat dimout and sheer curtains resonate with the architecture throughout Y House. Dawn and Noon hang in several bedrooms, the family room, the dressing room, the leisure room, the study, and the children’s play area. Twilight is specified in the family cinema and the living room, while Powder by Sahco adds tactility and nuance to the Spa.

Zhang Dawei, Founder of Atelier: “Curtains gently cascade. Accompanied by the gravity of architecture, as if dancing with the wind, sound permeates through the lush fabric environment, creating a soft and tranquil spatial ambience. By harnessing the angles, refractions, and diffusions of light, interwoven with various fabrics, space is enriched with layers and transformations.”

A selection of Kvadrat rugs complements the curtains. Bliss decorates the living room, and Aram, Merger, and Lattice can be found in several bedrooms. Aram is also used to bring multidimensionality to the study area. Duotone is used for the family rooms and the children’s play area.

Elsewhere, Hero is used for to cover staircase walls throughout Y House, as well as wall for wallcoverings in the study and one of the children’s bedrooms.

Zhang Dawei: “I choose Kvadrat designed textiles because they can easily select the most suitable fabric based on our design principles and needs, injecting architectural spaces with unique charm and quality. When the tactile sensation of textiles merges with space, it feels as comforting as wearing cosy clothing.”

The design of Y House reflects a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and minimise energy consumption. For instance, the nearly square shape of the house and the staircase layout minimise heat loss while the building envelope structure enhances thermal performance. Consequently, post-renovation, the building is 43% more energy efficient.

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