Respect for history

Soft Cells acoustic panel and Kvadrat Roller Blind solutions are used in the renovated main building of Denmark’s Augustenborg Castle. Mirroring the design philosophy behind the project, they are specified in colours and materials that respect the historic palace’s cultural and aesthetic values.

Cubo Arkiteketer chose the Bouroullec-designed roller blinds and the Soft Cells acoustic panels for their ability to meet the need to keep the original frames of the architecture as intact as possible. And to keep the interior simple and stylish while delivering thermal and acoustic comfort.

All the textiles chosen for Kvadrat Roller Blinds and the Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels complement the other tones that characterise the building. Also, the specification of the panels and the roller blinds fits with the building’s lighting concept, which incorporates brass-coloured linear and round pendants.

Transparent shades on the Kvadrat Roller Blinds – which feature hidden custom brackets – provide control over sunlight and connect the interior with landscaped grounds outside. As the light changes over the day, they paint the walls and floors with soft, delicate shades.

Specifically, the Soft Cells Broadline acoustic panels, installed on the ceiling using baffles, provide the ability to conduct conversations in privacy, without being overheard. They are employed in a meeting room next to a corridor.

Inside the Baroque-style palace, which is now used by the Danish Agricultural Agency, there are a variety of workplaces, meeting rooms, common areas and workplaces.

Bo Lautrup, Architect MAA and partner in Cubo Architects: “Together Cubo Arkitekter and Kvadrat have, through a very inspiring collaboration, managed the project development and the selection of colours and textiles.

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