Foster + Partners, London

Bath, United Kingdom

Textiles used: Fillippa, Air 4, Blitz 2, Coral 2, Duo Uni and Stoplight Colour.

CircleBath Hospital

Foster + Partners selected Kvadrat fabrics for CircleBath, a private hospital set into the hills on greenbelt land near Bath in southern England. Designed around the principles of healing architecture, the building represents a radical departure from orthodox hospital planning. The compact three-storey building feels intimate and provides a ‘corridor-less’ environment, which encourages a sense of community and wellbeing for patients and staff alike. In addition, the architecture reflects an emphasis on providing natural light and access to therapeutic views of the rolling countryside: balconies line the properties north and southern facades. Sympathetic landscaping further enhances the property’s close relationship with its natural surroundings.

Kvadrat fabrics are utilised in many ways throughout the building. For instance, they are used for textile lamps in public areas, cubicle curtains, and draped curtains in the patients’ rooms. The specific designs chosen by the architects are: FillippaAir 4Blitz 2Coral 2Duo Uni and Stoplight Colour.

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