Hollandse Nieuwe

Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Upholstery textiles: Steelcut TrioRevive by Kvadrat and Triangle by Kvadrat Febrik
Acoustic solution textiles: Steelcut Trio by Kvadrat, Drop by Kvadrat Febrik
Curtain textiles: Dawn by Kvadrat

Home from home

At the renovated DELA headquarters, sofas, cupboards, curtains, acoustic wall coverings, and acoustic screens, are upholstered in Kvadrat Febrik textiles. These are specified to embody to the company’s human-centric values, which underpin the interior concept.

Highlighted with bright cushions in Triangle, the sofas - designed by Hollandse Nieuwe and built by Partos, like all the furniture at the headquarters – are upholstered in Steelcut Trio. This design is also used for acoustic screens at the premises.

Acoustic wall coverings are also crafted with Steelcut Trio, as well as the knitted textile DropRevive is utilised for AV furniture while curtains on the ground floor are made from Dawn.

Characterised by an abundance of natural light and openness, the project includes acoustically-optimised work-floors, a new restaurant and meeting centre. Specific material and colour choices are employed to define different areas and the diverse range of flexible workplaces.

Prevalent greenery is another defining characteristic of the offices. Outside, a ‘Green Skirt’ of hanging plants loops around the building. Inside, various leafy plants are placed throughout. This ties in neatly with the headquarters’ sustainable profile: it has a BREEAM In Use certification.

DELA is a leading funeral insurance firm. It is the largest consumer cooperative company in the Netherlands.

Hollandse Nieuwe Studio: “Made with great care, Kvadrat Febrik textiles are high quality. We feel this is very important, particularly as it is our ambition to deliver optimal quality in every project.”

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