C.F. Møller Architects

Viborg, Denmark


Seating in the auditorium upholstered with Kvadrat Febrik Gentle
Curtains in the Small stage break room crafted from Sahco’s Balboa

Laura Stamer


Epic theatre

The listed Viborg Theatre in Jutland, Denmark, has been restored by C.F. Møller Architects to capture its former charm and integrate high-quality, contemporary fixtures. As part of this project, the seating in an auditorium has been upholstered with Kvadrat Febrik Gentle and curtains made from Sahco’s Balboa are specified in the Small Stage break room.

All the seats in the Getama auditorium, including the 1st and 2nd-floor balconies, are upholstered in Kvadrat Febrik Gentle 2. They are specified in tones that match the requirement for saturated, heavy colours that fit the Art Nouveau style.

Jon Brøcker, Master of Design, Architect MAA, C.F. Møller Architects: “Kvadrat Febrik Gentle 2 creates exactly the desired mood and works excellently as a complementary colour to the consistent, characteristic ochre shades on the walls.”

Elsewhere at the theatre, the Small stage break room features curtains crafted from Sahco’s Balboa. These introduce colour and tactility while contributing to a more comfortable acoustic environment.

As Viborg Theatre is a listed building, it was necessary to carry out all the planning and execution in close dialogue with the Danish Agency for Cultural Heritage. The organization approved all plans for the renovation project.

The renovation, which includes the design and restoration of new fixtures and the creation of numerous details that respect the craftsmanship of the time, has earned recognition. It has been nominated for the Farveprisen 2022 and the Renoverprisen 2022.


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