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Fixed furniture designed by HofmanDujardin at the renovated headquarters of ONVZ is upholstered with a selection of Kvadrat Febrik textiles. These meet the architects’ requirements for soft, natural tones and a balanced material palette.

The Kvadrat Febrik textiles are specifically chosen to express vitality – a key goal underpinning the concept for the insurance company’s offices. The custom furniture on which they are used is manufactured by Finitouch.

A focus on sustainability is another key characteristic of the project. It can be seen in the many design features that incentivise activity, the extensive use of natural materials, and the optimal heating, ventilation and lighting. Reflecting this, the offices are certified BREEAM® Very Good.

The daylight-filled ONVZ headquarters comprises two buildings connected by an open, dynamic atrium. Working areas are set-up to facilitate group collaboration while front zones are quieter and support individual focus. A natural landscape around the building offers energising walks.

Barbara Dujardin, co-founder and architect, HofmanDujardin: “Especially regarding colours and tones, the Kvadrat Febrik collections are unique and comply with our ideas.

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