Jacob Gades Scholarship Dorm

Jacob Gade was a celebrated Danish composer and violinist. In his will he included a wish that his estate and future royalties should create a foundation to sponsor young musicians. The Jacob Gades Scholarship Dormitory is a product of this foundation. Designed around a concept by architects Ramsing & Co, it is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The goal of the architects was to find a solution, which could be used in the historical rooms and withstand usage in the dormitory. In addition, they were also required to ensure excellent acoustic conditions in the rehearsal rooms.

In the basement there is curtain made from Divina sewed in different coloured stripes, while Hallingdal is upholstered on chairs. In the dormitory, Hallingdal is also used on sofa beds, along with room curtains crafted from Kinnasand’s Unix and shower curtains from Blue Hour. Elsewhere, the common rooms feature curtains made of Linex from Kinnasand, as well as chairs upholstered with Rime. Both the curtains and chairs are in different colours on each floor.

Kvadrat provided a complete solution – and a perfect match between quality and colours that complimented the interior. The fact the upholstery matches the selected colours on each floor, and the textiles complement the furniture, is truly great. We have worked together with Kvadrat for many years, as we believe that Kvadrat and their employees share the same values we have at Ramsing & Co: a high level of integrity with an understanding of design and idiom, passion and professionalism,” Claus Ramsing.

© Lennart Søgård-Høyer

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