Copenhagen, Denmark
Acoustic speaker textiles: Remix 3 and Hallingdal 65

Textile features for acoustic excellence

Started in early 2015, with the iconic Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A6 speaker, the collaboration between Kvadrat and Bang & Olufsen led to the design of several products, among which the Beosound Stage. The collaboration is based on common goals: attaining acoustic transparency, strong aesthetic, and adaptability to every interior style. Soundbars, speakers and audio solutions from Bang & Olufsen have been combined with special acoustic editions of Kvadrat textiles in custom colors, from the iconic Halligdal 65 to the versatile Remix 3
The woolen textile has been engineered by Kvadrat to ensure acoustic excellence, without having to compromise the aesthetic, adding a component of distinctiveness to the minimalistic Scandinavian design that characterizes Bang & Olufsen. Upholstered as a piece of furniture, Bang & Olufsen products features premium acoustically transparent textile, specially engineered to fit the requirements of audio technology.

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